About Us

Opened on November 11, 1950, West Vancouver Memorial Library is a War Memorial, dedicated as a living monument and an everlasting commemoration to those who served and sacrificed their lives in the Second World War.

We are a municipal library, governed by the BC Library Act and managed by the West Vancouver Memorial Library Board. As a public library, West Vancouver Memorial Library is a shared community resource, supported primarily by public funds gathered through municipal and provincial taxation, as well as by private donations. Library services are free of charge to the community of West Vancouver and members of other public libraries in BC, as provided in the Library Act.

Our values, vision and mission are established by the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.


Our values represent our most deeply held beliefs.

We cultivate a culture of excellence, holding ourselves accountable to a high standard. We support people in achieving their highest potential.

We practise inclusiveness by respecting, reflecting and appreciating the diversity in our community.

We continuously learn and improve by seeking new ways of being, seeing and doing.

We manage our resources responsibly to maintain financial, social and environmental sustainability for the well-being of our community.

We conduct ourselves openly and with integrity.


Our Vision expresses a broad, aspirational state.

Where wonder sparks, possibilities emerge and minds thrive. Our Library inspires people to grow in a dynamic world.

Our Mission defines our purpose and reason for being. 

Open and welcoming to all, our Library connects people with information, the world of imagination and each other.



Support 21st Century Learning

Learning is changing and expanding far beyond the physical walls of formal educational settings like schools and post-secondary institutions. Learners of all ages will need tools, support and skill development opportunities to reach their highest personal learning potential in our global environment.

Foster technological skills, digital literacy, digital content creation and computational literacy for learners of all ages
Support adults with their learning and creative aspirations
Provide Library services that develop critical thinking, communication, creativity, self-regulation and self-assessment so youth can effectively use information and create knowledge

Deepen and Extend Community Collaboration

Our community is best served by organizations operating as a network with the Library recognized as a key learning institution and community gathering space. Expanding current relationships, building new ones and fostering an ongoing dialogue are integral to the community's continued success.

Further Develop cooperative relationships with learning institutions
Increase communications with community service providers and cultural groups to improve planning and mutual understanding of service delivery
Optimize partnerships with community groups and individuals to bring local knowledge and expertise to the larger community
Create and Implement a consultation framework that includes community conversations and needs assessments to inform and develop Library service and space planning


Sustain and Enhance our Physical Space

We are committed to preserving and enhancing our comunity's 70-year investment in our current facility, as well as evaluating the existing and future physical space needs of our community.

Extend the life span of the facility by collaborating with the District of West Vancouver to plan and implement capital projects
Address existing and new space needs at our current facility through interior renovations
Manage arrangement and scope of physical collections to support the learning and personal enrichment needs of our community
Evolve technological infrastructure to ensure delivery of reliable and secure connectivity, and capacity for growth
Address in a sustainable manner emerging space and service delivery needs arising from community consultations


Develop and Integrate our Digital Platform

Our community is rapidly adopting technology, and technology is shaping and driving all aspects of our increasingly connected lives. Our digital platform, including our website, online catalogue, social media sites and historical digital collection, is a community space for curating and sharing knowledge.

 digital functionality that responds to changing technologies
Integrate the physical and digital experiences of the Library
Expand selection and availability of digital collections