WVML Library Board


Library Board Trustees are dedicated to upholding the ideals of a free, democratic society by promoting intellectual freedom and providing free, equal access to knowledge and ideas. The Trustees are instrumental in ensuring that the leadership, policies, relationships, financial resources and infrastructure are in  place to support the success of the West Vancouver Memorial Library. 

WVML  Board of Trustees 2019

2019 Library Board Trustees

Jillian Stirk, Chair
Eric Fiss, Vice-Chair
David Carter
Cynthia Garton
Andrew Krawczyk
Peter Lambur, Council Representative
Alastair Nimmons
Koichi Ronald Shimoda
J. Andrew Telford
Tracy Wachmann
Felicia Zhu

2019 Library Board Trustees: (clockwise from left to right) David Carter, J. Andrew Telford, Koichi Ronald Shimoda, Peter Lambur, Eric Fiss, Alastair Nimmons, Andrew Krawczyk, Felicia Zhu, Jillian Stirk, Cynthia Garton. Not pictured: Tracy Wachmann.

Jenny Benedict, Director of Library Services and ex-officio Secretary.


Jenny Benedict, Director of Library Services

Library Board Governance

The West Vancouver Memorial Library is governed by the B.C. Library Act, and managed by the West Vancouver Memorial Library Board. The West Vancouver Memorial Library Board consists of 11 voting Trustees, including one representative from Council. Trustees are appointed by Municipal Council in December of each year. A Trustee's term of office is two years to a maximum of 8 consecutive years. The Council representative is appointed to a one‐year term. The Director of Library Services is ex-officio Secretary to the Board.

The Board has overall fiscal responsibility for the Library. Other primary responsibilities include determining strategic priorities, developing policies and hiring the Director of Library Services.

Governance of West Vancouver Memorial Library 

Trustee Roles and Responsibilities 

Board of Trustees Policy Manual 

2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan 

Library Board Meetings

Members of the public are welcome to attend Library Board meetings, which are usually held on the third Wednesday of every month. Please call Lori Breen at 604.925.7410 to confirm dates and times. Meeting times may change at the discretion of the Library Board Chair.

2019 Meeting Dates

January 16, Febrary 20, March - no meeting, April 17, May 22 (4th Wednesday of the month), June 19, July 17, August - no meeting, September 18, October 16, November 20, December 11 (2nd Wednesday of the month.)

2019 Agendas and Minutes

January 16 Agenda & Minutes

February 20 Agenda & Minutes

2018 Agendas and Minutes

January 17 Agenda & Minutes
February 21 Agenda & Minutes
April 18 Agenda & Minutes
May 23 Agenda & Minutes
June 20 Agenda & Minutes
July 18 Agenda & Minutes
August 3 Special Meeting Agenda & Minutes
September 19 Agenda & Minutes
October 29 Agenda & Minutes
November 21 Agenda & Minutes
December 12 Agenda & Minutes

2017 Agendas and Minutes [PDFs]

January 18 Agenda &Minutes
February 15 Agenda &Minutes
March 15 Agenda & Minutes
April 12 Agenda & Minutes
May 17 Agenda & Minutes
June 21 Agenda Minutes
July 19 Agenda & Minutes
September 20 Agenda & Minutes
October 18 Agenda &Minutes
November 15 Agenda & Minutes
December 6 Agenda & Minutes

Previous Agendas and Minutes

For older Library Board minutes and agendas, please contact:
Lori Breen, Administrative Assistant