Art Gallery


The Library recognizes that the arts are a distinguishing characteristic of our community's identity. To support our community's creative talents, we offer spaces that showcase local artists in a setting that invites connection and reflection. 

Our Art Gallery is a canvas for established and emerging artists who work in an exciting range of styles and media. 

Come experience this month's exhibit and discover a new artist, perspective and source of pleasure. Works are on display both on the Main Floor and Lower Level. 

In addition to our monthly exhibitions, over the years the Library has acquired a collection of fine art. Selected pieces are on display in the Library. 

Permanent Collection




Powerful and persuasive, art can challenge our understanding of the world in which we live and how we operate within it. Often driven by personal convictions, artists can create works that provide insight, focus on complex subjects and raise difficult questions for the viewer. The artists in this exhibition use recycled, salvaged or found materials as major components of their creative process to not only comment on sustainability and our planet’s finite resources, but also question how humans treat waste.

Many of us attempt to reduce, reuse and recycle in our daily routines. This exhibit asks us to be mindful of what we consider to be waste and aims to elevate the status of waste as a material fit for art-making. Cardboard, unwanted house paint, discarded plastic bags and books have been reimagined by these artists, providing purpose and value for materials once deemed worthless or useless.

More artwork can be viewed on the Lower Level.