Art Gallery


The Library recognizes that the arts are a distinguishing characteristic of our community's identity. To support our community's creative talents, we offer spaces that showcase local artists in a setting that invites connection and reflection. 

Our Art Gallery is a canvas for established and emerging artists who work in an exciting range of styles and media.

Come experience this month's exhibit and discover a new artist, perspective and source of pleasure. Works are on display both on the Main Floor and Lower Level.

In addition to our monthly exhibitions, over the years the Library has acquired a collection of fine art. Selected pieces are on display in the Library.

Permanent Collection


July 23 - September 16Nick Bantock

Many know Nick Bantock as the author and illustrator of Griffin and Sabine, which rocked the publishing world when it debuted in 1991. A love story and picture book for grown-ups, this book would go on to sell millions of copies and validate the quirky artist’s insistence on doing things his way. Almost 30 years later, Nick continues to create and illustrate images that do not give answers but instead encourage the viewer to ask questions of themselves and form their own questions.

Graphite Tales features a variety of drawings, some from previously published books and others from a new series of ‘graphite narratives.’ The narrative drawings, making up the majority of the exhibit, are accompanied by 24 individual 100-word stories. Nick states, “Our society tends to be dominated by written and spoken language, assuming that the image is subservient to the word.” The artist encourages the viewer to observe the images first and only then match the story to the drawing.