Read, Listen & View for Teens

Whether you're looking for your next great read, a movie to veg out with or something to listen to during a long road trip, we've got you covered. Just pop up to the second floor and tell us what you've read and loved (or read and hated) and our librarians can provide you with a stack of great things to choose from.

Not super excited about anything in our teen section? Let us know! We can connect you with our information services librarians who can help you navigate the vast world of fiction and non-fiction on the main floor.


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Road Warriors
Listen to any of these awesome audiobooks while you stare out the window on those long trips.

Studious Playlist
Who likes studying in silence? Check out these mellow tunes while you get your study on.


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Once Upon a Time...
Fairytales Aren’t Just for Kids. Check out one of these sweet fantasy flicks.

Stranger than Fiction
Learn something and impress your friends.

Comedies for Teens 
Because sometimes you just need a good laugh.