On the Web


An interactive periodic table that gives you information on all the different elements including their history, uses and properties.

CliffsNotes Sciences

Extensive guides that lay out the basics of everything from anatomy to chemistry to psychology.

E-Flora BC

Produced by the University of British Columbia, this thorough electronic atlas of plant life and botanical ecosystems in British Columbia is a great resource for students studying plant biology who want to apply their studies locally.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Done in association with NASA, California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is chock-full of interesting articles about a huge range of astronomical topics. Whether you're looking for information on the Mars Rover or want to ask an astrobiologist a pressing question, this site has it all.

Science Buddies

A non-profit organization aimed at boosting science and technology literacies, this site has tons of awesome ideas for science projects in all different disciplines. Whether you're interested in engineering or human behaviour, science buddies has projects from basic to advanced levels.


SparkNotes does solid study guides for biology, chemistry, psychology, and physics.