Choose Your Format

Use your library card to access the Youth Department's audiobooks in four different formats:

CD audiobooks

We offer both CD/picturebook kits for younger readers and CD audiobooks for older readers.


A Playaway is a small audio player about the size and weight of a deck of cards, with clearly marked buttons that give listeners the option of placing digital bookmarks and moving forward and backward between chapters. Playaways will work with almost any kind of headphones. They also need one AAA battery. If you don't have a AAA battery at home, a librarian can lend you one.


Downloadable audiobooks from the BC Library Ebooks Collection

A great selection of brand new titles and classics by popular kid and teen authors; downloadable audiobooks are available in mp3 or WMA format for downloading to your device.


Download the free OneClickdigital app and listen to audiobooks on your device. Note that OneClickdigital has many great kids and teen audiobooks not available in the BC Library Ebooks Collection.

For more information on downloading audiobooks from the BC Library Ebooks Collection and/or OneClick Digital, check here.