Social Studies

Library Databases

Ancient & Medieval History Online

Find biographies, events, timelines, images, maps and more on ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, and Africa.

Canadian Encyclopedia

A comprehensive, objective and accurate source of information for students, readers and scholars on Canadian people, places and events. Includes articles, biographies, timelines and more.

Encyclopedia of British Columbia

Know BC is home to the Encyclopedia of British Columbia, an authoritative resource on BC past and present that features more than 4,000 articles and 1,500 accompanying photographs, maps, charts and tables, as well as sound and video clips.

Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples

An online version of the 1999 reference work that covers over 115 different peoples/ethnic groups that comprise Canada’s population.


Find information on almost any topic. Explora brings together content from Ebsco's well-known databases: Academic Search Elite, MasterFile and Kids Search.

Issues and Controversies

A good source for debates and research papers, particularly if you are not able to find a current book on a topic. Pros, cons and background information for over 800 hot topics in politics, the environment, healthcare and more. 

World Book

Excellent selection of encyclopedia articles, pictures, maps, charts and audio and video clips on a wide variety of topics. Perfect for students of all ages.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations

Presents information on over 190 countries, covering topics such as banking and securities, climate, government data, demographic statistics, languages, religion, government and flags. Also includes biographical essays on national leaders and a special section on the United Nations.

On the Web

Ancient Greece

Information about Grecian daily life, geography, cities, religion and war brought to you by the British Museum.

BBC – Ancient History

Information about the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.

BBC – World Religions

An A - Z list of world religions, from Atheism to Zoroastrianism.

Canadian First Nations Index

Discover information about First Nations with links to further information on the Metis, Inuit and Dene.

First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics

Learn all about about the role of the Prime Minister and the federal government.

Kids’ Site of Canadian Settlement

Learn about the culture and heritage of the groups that settled Canada: Acadians, Africans, Beothuk, Chinese, Doukhobors, Dutch, French, Haida, Inuit, Irish, Japanese, Métis, Mi'kmaq and more.


A Day in the Life of a 10-Year-Old in Roman Britain

What would it have been like to grow up in Ancient Rome? Watch this video to find out!

The National Film Board – History Channel

The NFB has a treasure trove of documentaries and movies online. The History Channel features videos on Canada and the American Revolution, New England and New France, Canada’s involvement in the World Wars and more.