Use our Wireless Connection

Free wireless is available throughout the Library.

To connect, select West Vancouver Memorial Library. No password is required but you will need to read and accept our Conditions of Use.

Wireless printing is now available! With PrinterOn you can send files to the print release station in the Community Computing Cente from anywhere.

Here are some tips if you are having trouble connecting:

  • Ensure your wireless adapter is enabled (internal adapter) or plugged in (external adapter).
  • Try restarting your computer. When it comes back up, wait until you get the wireless networks detected message and attempt to connect again.
  • Add West Vancouver Memorial Library to your wireless network.
  • If you don't connect the first time, go to a secure website such as CBC.ca and our wireless terms of use page should come up. Click on I Accept if you agree. 
  • Add the website www.westvanlibrary.ca to your list of trusted sites.
  • Please ensure that your pop-up blockers (Internet Explorer, Google Toolbar, etc.) are turned off as this occasionally causes our Conditions of Use page to refresh indefinitely.
  • Ensure that your browser or security software (Virus Scanner or Firewall, for example) is configured to allow redirects.
  • Check your wireless network adapter settings to make sure you don't have any information statically entered (configured for a specific network, like your home or office wireless network). IP address and DNS settings should be set to obtain from server.
  • Ensure that you have installed the latest drivers for your wireless network adapter.
  • Ensure your computer is not infected with a virus or spyware. If you have an up-to-date security suite that is programmed to update and scan automatically, you should be okay. If you do not update and scan regularly, there may be an issue on your equipment. 


As with all public wireless connections, the Library cannot guarantee the security of any data transmitted. If this is a concern, you may want to consider using a VPN connection or avoiding the use of Wi-Fi. For your own protection, it is advised that you have a software firewall installed as well as the latest security patches and updates.