Print, Copy, Scan, Fax

Whether you are printing a newsletter, copying an article, sending a business fax, or scanning a photo, we realize how important these services are to you.

Printing & Copying

Print from our public computers or wirelessly from your own device.

PrinterOn is a wireless service that lets you send files from anywhere to the print release station in the Community Computing Cente where they will be available for you to print for 24 hours.

Print and photocopy charges (per page): .20 for black & white, .50 for colour. 

Fax Service

Need to send a fax? Pre-pay at the Account Services Desk on the main floor and then bring your receipt to the Community Computing Centre on the lower floor where a staff member will send your fax. Charges (per page): $1. for local faxes, $2. for long distance.


Scanners are available in the Community Computing Centre and in the Multimedia Studio where you can work with Photoshop Elements.There is no cost and we are happy to show you how to scan your document or image to email or save it to a memory stick.