Consumer Information

In the market for a new vehicle or appliance? These resources can help you get the most bang for your buck.

Library Databases

Consumer Reports

Find reliable reviews and ratings for common household appliances, electronics, automobiles and other products. Click on the "Canada Extra" link at the bottom of the website to see those products that have been evaluated for the Canadian market.

On the Web

Budget Planner

This Government of Canada tool lets you create a budget you can save and update online. 


ConsumerSearch brings together product reviews from many quality sources, compiles them into an overall rating and provides comments on any discrepancies between reviews.


The Canadian government's guide to energy-efficient appliances, heating and cooling, and more.

Kelley Blue Book

Reviews, ratings, and price information (in US Dollars) for new and used vehicles. You need a US zip code to access the information - try 98004 for suburban Seattle.