Citizen Engagement

Citizen engagement refers to actively participating--for instance by volunteering, voting, participating in civic and social organizations and committees, and engaging in public dialogues-- to make a difference in your community. This page will link you to resources needed to get started and get involved. We also recommend visiting our Citizen Engagement Centre on the Main Floor of the Library for current information on municipal, provincial and federal government plans, studies, reports and questionnaires.

Library Databases

Issues and Controversies

A good source for debates and research papers, particularly if you are not able to find a current book on a topic. Pros, cons and background information for over 800 hot topics in politics, the environment, healthcare and more. 

On the Web

Civic Engagement and Political Participation in Canada

Government of Canada's report on current state of citizen engagement. The first section focuses on the types of groups that people participate in and how often they participate. The second section looks at various forms of political participation: voting, volunteering for a political party, boycotting or choosing a particular product for ethical reasons, and signing petitions. 

District of West Vancouver - Get Involved

Visit the West Vancouver District's "Be Involved" page for information about volunteering, joining committees and groups, and current engagement initiatives and opportunities.

Elections BC

Elections BC is an independent and non-partisan Office of the Legislature. Provides a wealth of provincial and local information for voters, including voter education and registration, referenda and plebiscites, and statistics. 


This site is the home of the Government of British Columbia’s citizen engagement activities. Browse engagement projects by categories like transportation, government, health & safety, and environmental protection. Add your voice to current conversations and find out how public input collected through past citizen engagement projects has informed government decisions, policy and legislation.

How We Vote - Your Voice in BC's Future

A site created to engage British Columbians on the 2018 electoral reform referendum. Learn about different voting systems ("first past the post", proportional respresentation, etc.) and take the online questionnaire by Feb. 28th to help shape the upcoming referendum. 

West VancouverITE

westvancouverITE is an online forum for community outreach and engagement. It provides citizens a convenient way to participate in important community consultation. Learn about the issues, read what others are saying, and post your own response. The feedback received will be reviewed by District staff and Council and incorporated into the decision-making process.