West Vancouver Memorial Library launches The Lab

West Vancouver Memorial Library Launches The Lab –
New space lights up West Vancouver 

February 13, 2018, West Vancouver, B.C. – West Vancouver Memorial Library launches West Vancouver’s digital learning place, The Lab, on Thursday, March 1 at 3:30 p.m. The Lab presents a new vision for digital learning in B.C. public libraries. Designed for active participation and social interaction, it transforms learning into a collaborative and creative experience.

“The District of West Vancouver is proud to support The Lab at West Vancouver Memorial Library,” says Mayor Michael Smith. “This creative new learning space gives equal opportunity for community members to develop and practise the digital skills necessary for succeeding in school and at work. These skills are also critical for people to feel socially included in today’s world.”

At the opening event, people can play with new technology tools at the Green Screen Photo Bomb, Preserve a Memory Station, Make a Gizmo Circuit Kit, Take a Trip in Virtual Reality Headsets and a Robotics Maze Race. The event starts with a ribbon cutting and remarks by Mayor Michael Smith, Memorial Library Board Chair David Carter and West Vancouver Memorial Library Foundation Chair Andreas Thompson.

“Our Library is the best place in our community to keep your mind active,” says Library Board Chair David Carter. “The Lab offers an entirely new kind of experience and adds a new dimension to community learning. It provides people of all ages and abilities with hands-on activities to explore and experiment with current and emerging technologies.”

Tools in The Lab support digitizing personal and local history; creating digital media like videos, podcasts, music, print and digital books; developing computational thinking with robots and electronic circuitry; and exploring emerging technologies such as virtual reality and 3D printing. The Lab will host a rotating schedule of programs that include classes, skill-building practice sessions, workshops with experts and drop-in sessions for independent work.

“Our Library staff are experts in fostering digital learning,” says Director of Library Services Jenny Benedict. “In this new space, they will be inspiring and nurturing people to move from consumers of digital content to collaborative problem solvers and creators of digital stories and communications.”

In addition to The Lab, the Library’s website, www.westvanlibrary.ca, supports digital learning with online resources. Video training courses through Lynda.com provide tutorials for developing business, creative and technology skills. The Library’s website also hosts downloadable ebooks and audiobooks, language learning resources and streaming movies and music.

The Library is deeply grateful to the District of West Vancouver and the donors of the West Vancouver Memorial Library Foundation for providing the funding for this project.


About The Lab at West Vancouver Memorial Library

Designed to promote active participation and social interaction, The Lab transforms digital learning into a collaborative and creative experience. Activities are motivated by shared interests and advanced through intergenerational and peer relationships. It is a public environment shaped by what community members want to learn.

Key features of the 800 sq. ft. space on the Lower Floor are:

  • Daylight spectrum light boxes on opposite walls. These surfaces double as whiteboards for capturing group work in text, numerals, diagrams and drawings.
  • Group work stations that allow multiple people to participate in activities together, taking on roles such as idea generators, facilitators, problem-solvers, organizers, recorders and evaluators.
  • Four large screen monitors with multi-purpose functions for displaying instructional material, conducting online research, creating digital content, videoconferencing and wireless presentations.
  • Laser projector and green screen.

Tools in The Lab support the following activities:

  • Digital preservation of photographs, negatives, slides, documents;
  • Digital media creation of videos, podcasts, music, print and digital books, slideshows, images, infographics, web pages;
  • Coding robots and electronic circuitry to develop computational thinking;
  • Emerging technology experiences.

For more information about The Lab, please visit: wvml.ca/thelab

About West Vancouver Memorial Library

Open and welcoming to all, West Vancouver Memorial Library connects people with information, the world of imagination and each other. The Library attracts nearly 43,000 people to our facility and 49,000 to our website each month. The Library’s vision expresses a broad, aspirational state: Where wonder sparks, possibilities emerge and minds thrive. Our Library inspires people to grow in a dynamic world.

For more information, please contact:

Celina O’Connor, Communications Coordinator

coconnor@westvanlibrary.ca, 604.925.7407 


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