Meeting Rooms Terms and Conditions of Use

Meeting rooms are available for rent providing the public with a dedicated space to conduct business, information sessions or provide a service.

Renters fall into two groups: 

  • Business
  • Private/Non-Profit/Educational

Two corresponding rate categories have been established for the use of the spaces.


Business users are defined as a commercial enterprise, political party, governmental agency, an elected official or an election candidate; this category may host a meeting or an information session for a discrete group or for the general public. Charging for the sale of products, the provision of services, event registration and all other types of financial remuneration are not permitted. Election candidates are not permitted to lobby for votes.

Private and Non-Profit/Educational 

Private users are defined as an individual or a group who is neither a commercial enterprise, nor a political party, governmental agency, an elected official or an election candidate, nor a Non-Profit nor an educational service provider; this category may host a meeting or an information session for a discrete group. Charging for event registration and membership fees is permitted. Charging for the sale of products and the provision of services is not permitted.

Non-Profit and Educational users are defined as an individual or a group who is a registered Non-Profit, a society or an educational service provider. Proof of Non-Profit status must be provided by Non-Profit organizations. This category may host a meeting or an information session, and/or provide a service for a discrete group or for the general public. Charging for event registration, membership fees and provision of services are permitted. Collecting donations is only permitted for a discrete group and not when the activity is open to the general public. Use of the room primarily for the sale of product(s) is not permitted.

Fundraising events, direct solicitation of money and charging an admission fee at the door are not permitted in either category. 

Renters acknowledge that the Library reserves the right to determine whether an event, the “Event”, interferes with the use of the Library or if the planned services or programmes replicate Library offerings. Booking approval for an Event that replicates Library offerings is subject to the sole and absolute discretion of the Library.

The number of attendees for an Event will not exceed the posted room capacities and exits will be kept clear.

Alcoholic beverages, illegal substances and smoking or open flames are not permitted on Library premises.

Failure to abide by any of these conditions may result in the refusal or cancellation of a booking. 

Cancellation and Refunds

If the Renter cancels the booking at least seven (7) days prior to the Event then the Renter will be entitled to a full refund less the paid deposit. No refunds are issued for bookings cancelled within seven (7) days of the event.

If the Library cancels or refuses a booking a full refund will be issued; failure to pay or other default by the Renter will not result in the issuance of a refund.


The Library, by permitting the Renter to hold an Event at the Library, does not in any way endorse the Event. Any advertising or promotion of the Event may solely refer to the Library as being the venue for the Event and in no way imply that the Library either sponsors or endorses the Renter of the Event.

Intellectual Property

The Renter is responsible for securing all applicable permissions and licenses for the user, publication, transmittal, distribution and display of all material used at the Event, whether written, audio, visual or audio-visual. The Renter is also responsible for the payment of all fees, royalties and other charges that are required to be paid in respect of copyright, trademark, industrial design or any other intellectual property of any kind.


The Library shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the Renter’s materials or equipment.


The Renter shall indemnify and save harmless the District of West Vancouver and the Library, their trustees, officers, employees, agents, licensees and contractors (collectively, the “Indemnitees”) from and against all claims, demands, suits, actions, damages, fees, losses, liabilities, proceedings, costs and expenses, including without limitation legal fees and disbursements on a solicitor and own client basis, personal injury including death and loss or damage to property (all of the foregoing, collectively, the “Claims”), by whosoever brought, incurred, or made and arising out of or in connection with or related to, whether directly or indirectly, the following, except to the extent that any damage, loss or injury is caused by the gross negligence of the District of West Vancouver or the Library:

  • The rental of the meeting room by the Renter; 
  • The Renter’s breach of any of the provisions set out in these Terms and Conditions of Use; or
  • Any advertisements or promotions posted by the Renter or submitted by the Renter to the Library which the Library posts on its premises or on its website; or 
  • The Renter’s violation of any third-party rights, including without limitation, any intellectual property, personal property or privacy right.


The Renter has read the above and accepts, understands and agrees to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of use with respect to renting a meeting room at the Library. 

By accepting these terms, you represent and warrant that you are, or are an authorized representative of, the Renter.