Tell Your Story Anthology [VIRTUAL]

Over the last year, we have given dozens of young writers and artists in West Vancouver the chance to turn their creativity into a real library ebook as part of the Tell Your Story program. Now, more than ever, we want to publish as many young voices as we can. 

We're putting together a digital anthology called Tell Your Story: A Community of Care. We invite all young writers and artists who can use digital creation methods like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Canva or others to create a one page piece that expresses:

  • What it is like being a kid in West Vancouver right now
  • What caring for others and yourself looks like now
  • What you want kids of the future to know about this time

Anything goes here: a short story, poetry, monologue or cartoon that is serious, hopeful, funny or uncertain. 

If you live in West Vancouver (or attend a West Vancouver schoool) and want to publish your work in this digital anthology, sign up here if you haven't already and we will send you more information. If you're an educator wanting to involve your class, you can sign up on behalf of all your students (just write CLASS by your name when you sign up; e.g. Pippi Longstocking CLASS). 

We are accepting registrations until April 15.  If you sign up between Friday, April 10 – Monday, April 13 you will get more information by email on Tuesday, April 14.

Submissions will be accepted from April 15 to 30.  

Please note an email address is required for registration - that's how we'll get in touch with you to send you more information on participating :)

Wednesday, April 15

For more information, contact the Youth Department at

This program is now fully registered. Please contact the Department listed above to ask if there is a waiting list.

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