Community Technology Fair

Touch, test and tinker with technology!
FRIDAY, MAY 24, 12 – 7 P.M., Lower floor

Get up close with new technology tools and meet experts in the field. Play with one of our mini keyboards and Loog guitars in The Lab or record an audio story in the “Speaker’s Corner” multimedia studio — and so much more! Our friendly Digital Experience staff will be on hand to support people at all levels, from complete novices to advanced techies, to play, learn and get inspired. 

Schedule of Events

Tech Talks — Welsh Hall

Hear from leading experts about the latest and greatest buzz in the world of technology.

  • 12:30 and 5:30 p.mSarah Felkar, Head of Technology, West Vancouver Memorial Library - "Tech Trends"
  • 1:30and 3:30 p.m.  Ernesto Peña, Designer, independent research and educator in media literacy and technology and instructor in UBC's Master of Educational Technology program - "More than Fake News: Attitudes and historical circumstances that have led to the current media landscape in North America."
  • 2:30 and 4:30 p.mNima Boscarino, Lead instructor for the Web Development Bootcamp at Lighthouse Labs in Vancouver. "Digital literacy and computational thinking are powerful tools for students of any age. In this session we’ll define what “computational thinking” is, identify the core benefits of developing these skills, and explore strategies for improving our computational abilities.

Play and Learn — 12 - 7 p.m., The Lab, Lower Floor

Virtual Reality Roller Coaster 

  Take a hair-raising ride with one our VR headsets – experience the shrieks and thrills without ever leaving the room.

Augmented Reality Zoo 

  It’s a jungle in here! Use an app to add fun and fantastical creatures to The Lab that you can interact with through a tablet.

Zen Coding

  Slow down, take a deep calming breath and learn how to build code with…wooden blocks?

Preserve a Memory 

  Try out our digitization devices, such as a photo scanner, VHS tape and super 8 film digitizers. Learn about new equipment that you can check out and use at home. 

Robot Jokes

  “Why was the robot angry? Because someone kept pushing its buttons!” Meet our cute app-controlled robots, Dot and Dash, who can talk, move, light up – and even crack jokes! 

Let's Get Musical

  Unleash your inner rock star with our iPads, mini-keyboards and Loog guitars.

Speaker's Corner

  Go “on the air” in our multimedia studio!

 Funding for the Community Technology Fair is generously provided by the West Vancouver Memorial Library Foundation.

 About Digital Learning at the Library

In March 2018, West Vancouver Memorial Library opened The Lab: West Vancouver’s Digital Learning Place. Designed foremost for active participation and social interaction, the custom-built space transforms learning into a collaborative and creative experience.

Tools in The Lab support digitizing personal and local history; creating digital media like videos, podcasts, music, print and digital books; developing computational thinking with robots and electronic circuitry; and exploring emerging technologies such as virtual reality and 3D printing. The Lab hosts a full schedule of digital learning opportunities for people of all ages, interests and abilities, offered in five unique learning streams: Use It, Share It, Develop It, Create It and Imagine It. For more information about The Lab, please visit