WVML Policies

Library Board Policy

The Library Board develops and approves the policies of West Vancouver Memorial Library. 

Board of Trustees Policy Manual [PDF]

Commonly consulted sections

  • Intellectual Freedom 1.2
  • Privacy 1.3
  • General (inlcudes Library Cards) 4.1
  • Code of Conduct for Persons on Library Premises 4.3
  • Rules for Use of Group Space 4.4
  • Rules for Borrowing Physical Materials 4.5
  • Rules for Acceptable Use of Public Internet and Computers 4.6
  • Display Space for Public Use (includes bulletin boards and distribution of free publications) 5.2
  • Collection Development 8.0

Library Operations Policy

Library operations policies are developed by Library staff and administered by the Director of Library Services.

Green Building Operations Policy [PDF]

Library Terms and Conditions of Use

Library terms and conditions of use are under the administration of the Director of Library Services.

Terms and Conditions of Use Handbook [PDF]

1. Borrowing
2. Library Spaces and Sound Levels 
3. Youth Department
4. Use of Public Computers
5. Donating Materials