Using OverDrive READ

OverDrive READ allows you to read Library2go Ebooks without an app, or an Adobe ID. It is compatible with all web browsers on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Most, but not all ebooks are compatible with OverDrive READ - be sure to choose one of the methods below to make sure that you are checking out a compatible ebook.

Finding Compatible EBooks

By Browsing:

1) Find your genre:

ebook genres that are available on the library ebook website

2) Choose "OverDrive READ" from the format menu

list of ebook formats that you can choose when searching for library ebooks

3) Choose a book to borrow!

By Using Advanced Search:

1) Click on "Advanced Search"

2) Under "All Formats", choose "OverDrive READ"

3) Add any other search criteria

4) Click "Search"

advacned search box from the library ebook website

Reading EBooks

1) Click on the "Read" button

image of a checked out ebook with two reading choices, download and read

2) Follow the tutorial to learn more about how to read using OverDrive READ

image of the overdrive read tutorial

3) To Read when not connected to the internet click on the menu icon (top right) and then on "Offline Access" and lastly on the cloud icon.

screenshot of n overdrive read title with the offline access option showing in the side menu


4) Your book will now be available in your browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer) when you open it.


Learn more here: OverDrive Read Info

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