All Sony Readers are able to use library ebooks.

To learn about adding library ebooks to your Sony Reader, check out our Library  Ebooks: Sony Reader Wifi page.

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Current Sony Reader

Sony T3 (website)

Sony Basics

Turn on and Off: The power button is on the bottom right side of the device. Press once to turn on or off.

Navigation: The left and right facing arrows < > can be used to turn the pages forward and back.

The home button will take you back to the home screen

The back button can be used to take you back to a previous screen

The menu button is used when reading to change the text size, add notes, or to quickly jump to a different page.

You also you the touch screen to choose books, download new books or do other tasks.


Connecting to Wi-Fi

You need to have a Wi-Fi connection to download library ebooks without a computer. To learn more about downloading library ebooks, go to the (Library Ebooks> Sony Reader) page.

  1. Tap on the Home button
  2. Tap on the right facing arrow at the button of the screen
  3.  Tap on Settings, then Wireless Network Settings
  4. Tap on the box next to Wi-Fi
  5. Tap on Wi-Fi Settings to choose the network you would like to use. If a password is needed you will be prompted to enter it.

Note: Using Wi-Fi will drain the battery, so make sure to turn it off when you are finished.


Change Text Size

When reading, press the Menu button, and then tap on the Font icon, then choose a text size. When finished, tap on the screen above the font menu.