Renewing & Returning Library2go Ebooks

Returning Ebooks and audiobooks before their due date

All library ebooks, and MP3 audiobooks can be returned early. Depending on how you are reading the book, the method of returning differs.

Note: WMA audiobooks, Open EPubs and Open PDFs cannot be returned early.

For returning ebooks on your computer:

  1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Select Library from the upper-left-corner if you don't already see the view below.
  3. Right-click (control-click for Mac) on the title you'd like to return.
  4. Click Return Borrowed Item.
  5. A dialog will appear asking if you're sure you want to return the eBook.
  6. Click Return to confirm.

right-click to return a library ebook using adobe digital editions

Instructions for other devices:

The above links take you to instructions on returning your library ebooks & audiobooks.


Renewing Library2go Ebooks

If an ebook does not have a hold on it, you are able to renew it. Renewing puts you in line to borrow a title again once your first borrowing period expires.

You are able to renew a title three days before the title is set to expire. At that time a renew button will appear next to the title on your Bookshelf.

If there are no existing holds on a title, the Renew icon will be green, like in the example below. In this case, you can then borrow the title again immediately once your first checkout expires.

If there are existing holds on a title, the Renew icon will be greyed out. You can still use the renew feature to reserve a spot on the title's wait list so that you can borrow it again as soon as it's available.

To Renew an Ebook

1. Log into the Library2go website and click on the "Account" icon.

2. If the icon is green, click on the Renew icon next to the title you'd like to renew.

the renew option appears next to the book cover three days before the item expires.

3. Enter and confirm your email address in the form that opens, then click the "Renew" button.

confirm your email address and then click the renew button

Once you have renewed a title, its Renew icon on your library Bookshelf will have a checkmark next to it.

the title now incidated that the renewal was successful

You can also track which titles you've renewed from your Holds page.

the holds page indicates what title is set to be renewed

As soon as your first checkout expires and the title is available for you to borrow again, you will receive an email notification. Click the link in that email to check out the book again.

Or, you can go to the "Holds" page of your account and click on the "Renew" button next to the title that appears. The book will then be checked out to you again.

to renew the book from your holds screen, click on the renew button

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