Google Nexus

These are instructions to help you get started with your Google Nexus 7 or 10.

To get library ebooks on your tablet please see our: Library Ebooks: Overdrive App page.

image of the nexus 7 tablet

Turn On & Off

The power button is located on the top right side of the device

(when the camera lens is at the top).

Unlocking the Screen

When you turn on the device, press and hold on the lock symbol and pull it to the unlock symbol on the right side of the circle.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, drag down the status bar and tap on the Wi-Fi button. All networks that are in range will be listed. Tap on the network you would like to use. If there is a password needed you will be prompted to enter it.

Downloading New Apps

Tap on the Play Store icon to search for apps, books, movies and other content.

Using the Internet

Tap on the Chrome icon to access the internet. There is a combined search/address bar to use.

Accessing Library eBooks & e-Audiobooks

Using the Google Play store, download the free Overdrive Media Console App.


  • Tap on the Settings icon
  • Enter in your Adobe ID and Password
  • Tap "Authorize"

Adding Books

  • Tap the Settings icon and then "Add Library"
  • Search for "West Vancouver" and choose "West Vancouver Memorial Library"
  • Tapping on the star next to "British Columbia Libraries" will remember your library for the next visit.
  • Search the Library to Go website to find ebooks and downloadable audiobooks.