While you cannot yet put library ebooks on your Kindle, you can borrow a Kindle here at the library and read a staff chosen set of titles from a number of popular genres.

image of a basic kindle

Current Kindles

There are 5 types of Kindles currently available in Canada

To learn more about the differences, take a look at the Device Comparison Chart.

Kindle Basics

Turn On & Off: Press and release the button on the bottom right of the device.

Home Button: Press the Home button to see the list of titles (Table of Contents).

Navigation: Navigate using the square 5-way button on the lower centre of the device.

The Next Page (located on either side of the device, small right pointing arrow) button takes you to the next page of titles or the next page of a book. The Previous Page (located on either side of the device, small left pointing arrow) button takes you to the previous page of the list of titles or of a book.

To scroll through the titles press the 5-way button toward you to select the book that you would like to read .

To select a title (it must be underlined) press the centre of the 5-way button.

Change text size: Press the menu button when reading a book, choose "Change Font Size". Make your selection with the 5-way button.


While on the page you would like to bookmark, press the Menu button and then select Add a bookmark.

To find your bookmark while in the book press the Menu button and choose View My Notes and Marks.

Other Important Information

The Kindle will remember the last page of a book that was read.

To go to the beginning of a book press Menu, choose "Go to...", and choose "beginning".

Once you are familiar with the basics, you might want to look at the Kindle Users Guide under the list of titles.

Tips & Tricks

Book Descriptions

To find the description for a book that you have downloaded onto your Kindle:

Highlight the book. Press right on the 5-way controller. Choose "Book Description" on the menu that appears.

Here you can see the star rating, the description, and whether or not text-to-speech is enabled. If you have the wireless enabled, you can also read customer reviews and see any book extras.

Re-starting a Frozen Kindle

Sometimes a device like the Kindle gets stuck, or doesn't seem to be able to turn on. Luckily, there is an easy fix!

Slide the power switch to the right and hold it there. Count to 15, and remember to hold switch in-place for for those 15 seconds. Release the switch.

The screen will be blank for 30 seconds, and then the Kindle will restart