These are instructions to help you get started with your iPad or iPad Mini.

To get library ebooks on your iPad please see our: Library Ebooks: Overdrive App page.

image of an ipad 2



This button turns the iPad off and on.

Press the power button at the same time as the Home button to take a screenshot.


The volume keys and mute lock are on the right side of the iPad


The Home button will take you back to the home screen of apps.

Tap the Home button twice to see recently used apps.

Tap the Home button twice and swipe to the left to lock screen rotation and to adjust the screen brightness.

Turn On & Off

The power button is located on the top right side of the device (when the camera lens is at the top).

Getting Started with an iPad

Follow the onscreen prompts to select language, network and location settings.

Sign in with your Apple ID.

Now you can download any app you wish, and log into your favourite social media sites, apps and personalize your tablet experience.

Unlocking the Screen

Press and slide the arrow from left to right to unlock.

Waking the iPad

If the screen goes black while you are using it, tap on the Home button to wake it again.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, open up the Settings app, and tap on the Wi-Fi icon.Tap on icon again to see available networks.

Tap on the network you would like to use. If there is a password needed you will be prompted to enter it.