Getting Flickr

Flickr is a website that is geared towards photo sharing. You can upload your own photos to your account and you can also view the photos that have been uploaded by others. These photos can be organized into albums, and can be shared with everyone, or just one person, making it easy to share photos only with who you wish.

Many of the photos shared publically on Flickr can also be used in presentations and projects. Just be sure to check the photo license on each image. Finding photos is easy, since most are "tagged" with short identifiers to let searchers know what the photo includes, where it was taken and more.

example of a flickr image

Things to Explore on Flickr

  • The Commons  Photos from museums, archives & libraries that allow public use - and which anyone can help identify.
  • Galleries  Sets of 18 photos curated by Flickr members to showcase them.
  • World Map: Find spectacular photos taken at specific locations all around the world. Try searching for "Cypress Mountain" or "Stanley Park" on the map.
  • Take the Tour  


  • Go to
  • Click on "Sign up now."
  • If you already have a Yahoo ID, you can use that to log in. If not, you will have to create one by clicking on "Create New Account."

where to click to sign in to flickr

  • Fill in the form with your information, and click on "Create my account."

signing in to flickr

  • You will need to choose a Flickr screen name that is different than the YahooID you created earlier.

Now, you can begin to personalize your profile and upload your first photos.


Collection This feature allows you to put several sets of photos into one group.

Favorite  A way of bookmarking the photos that you like so you can easily find them later.

Geotagging  A special method of tagging photos with their location.

Notes  These are used to explain or comment on your photos.

Sets  Allows you to group multiple photos together.

Tags  Short identifiers that are used to categorize your photos, and to help others find them in searches.