Finding & Checking Out Library Ebooks

To get started, go to the Library2go Website. To log in:

  1. Click on "Sign In"
  2. Choose your library (West Vancouver Memorial Library) from the drop-down list
  3. Enter in your Library Card Number & PIN (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number)
  4. Click on Sign In

screenshot of the sign in fields on the library2go website

You can now see all of the books that are available to you at your library.

Finding Ebooks

Sometimes it is hard to find an ebook or an eAudiobook that is available to check out.

Browse for Available Ebooks Using Menu

screenshot indicating that you should click on collections or subjects to see lists of ebooks and audiobooks

Click on subjects to choose ebooks or audiobooks by their subject, or choose for a more general collection by clicking on "Collections", like all ebooks or most popular.

Find available books by either clicking on the Available Now open in the filters on the left side of the page (computer) or under the filters button at the top of the page (phone or tablet),

highlted image of the available now filter

or by finding titles with a green "Available" bar at the top of their covers.

image of one available ebook and one unavailable ebook. Available ebooks have an "available" bar at the top of their cover, and unavailable ebooks have "wait list" at the top of their cover

Search for Ebooks Using Advanced Search

To search for specific books that are available for checkout:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the search icon, and then on "Advanced".
  3. Choose your format (ePub) and any other information that you may want to add (title, subject. awards).
  4. Click on the button that says "Available Now"
  5. Click Search.

a screen shot of the advanced search page

Check Out Ebooks

screenshot of an available title highlighting the green borrow button

screenshot of the loans page in library2go