Downloading Ebooks from Library2go

To get set up with Adobe Digital Editions, the software required to open ebooks on your computer and transfer them to your Kobo e-reader, please see our Getting Started with Adobe Digital Editions page.


Downloading Ebooks to A Computer

  1. Go to your Library2go Checkouts page
    1. Go to the Library2go website
    2. Click on the "Account" Icon
    3. Sign in with your library barcode and PIN
  2. Click on "Download EPUB Ebook" next to the book that you wish to read
  3. Choose to Open the .ascm file when prompted
  4. Adobe Digital Editions should automatically open with your book!

Transferring Ebooks to a Kobo E-reader

  • Connect your device to a computer using the USB cord.
  • Open Adobe Digital Editions.

adobe digital editions with books loaded and ereader connected

  • Click and drag the ebook cover to your device.
  • Or right-click on the cover (Macs: Command-Click) and choose "Copy to Computer/Device" > "Kobo eReader."

image of an ebook being transered to an e-reader using adobe digital editions

Downloading Ebooks to Your Sony E-Reader

Downloading Ebooks to OTHER DEVICES Using the Overdrive App 

Use the app with your: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android phone or tablet, Windows phone or tablet, or Kindle Fire.


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