Our Library's Future: Our Facility

1950 Marine Drive

The Library’s 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan commits to preserving and enhancing the community’s 65 year investment in our current facility. We aspire to extend the lifespan of the facility and address existing and new space needs through capital renovation projects.  

West Vancouver Memorial Library 2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan

2016 Capital Project Renovations 

The Capital Project Renovation of the exterior and the interior of the 7,698 sq. ft. western portion of the Library are nearing completion.  

Thank you to the District of West Vancouver for funding for our 2016 Capital Project renovation, and to the generous donors of the West Vancouver Memorial Library Foundation for providing funding for the furnishing of the Musto Lounge.

Enhancements and improvements to the interior space

  • A new, comfortable seating area – the Musto Lounge – co-designed by members of the community, with new furniture, natural lighting and proximity to display shelving
  • Improved accessibility with wide pathways, low catalogue search station and fully accessible washrooms
  • Bright, high efficiency lighting 
  • A new Assistive Services Office providing the Library's signature services for people with disabilites and the homebound
  • Improved arrangement and display of collections: history, travel, biography, other languages, philosophy, religion, large print and talking books
  • Comfortable seating and reading spaces throughout 
  • Fabrics inspired by the work of B.C. Binning, a leading Canadian artist whose work reflects the colours of West Coast scenery
  • An expressionistic imprint of tree trunks on wood veneer creating the illusion of outdoor space 
  • A fast and reliable wireless connection 

Infrastructure improvements 

  • New carpeting, lighting, plumbing and electrical wiring
  • Structural bracing to improve seismic resilliance
  • Replacement of the roofing membrane and resurfacing of the parking deck
  • Replacement of single-paned, unsealed glazing with high-energy efficient windows and skylights 

SHAPE Architecture and ph5 Architecture provided the exterior and interior designs for the project, respectively. 

2016 Capital Budget

West Wing Exterior                                         $  871,134 ($736,034 approved in 2015)
Library Interior Facility Project                        $  1,019,800
Library Shelving Replacement                        $  103,070
Foundation Library Facility Enhancement       $  67,000

2017 – 2020 Renovations

Interior renovations on the Main and Lower floors planned for later 2017 include:

  • A conference meeting room to replace the Musto Room
  • An enclosed quiet study room
  • New technology learning lab for computer training and digital content creation
  • A reconfigured accessibility ramp from the parking lot to the front entrance

Future renovations will address upgrades to the 1957 South Wing.

Public Consultation 

Surveys – The Library conducted an onsite survey in January 2015.  In April 2015, a further survey designed for older adults occurred both inside the Library and at seniors’ locations in the community. Both surveys’ results placed a high value on print collections and Library staff assistance. Both also demonstrated that older adults have access to and are comfortable using technology. 

Workshops – Older adults who completed the April survey were invited to participate in a workshop to envision a renovated West Wing space. The Co-Design Workshop engaged the participants in activities to express the attributes of an ideal library. A follow-up workshop provided participants the opportunity to review the proposed layout and the colour palette of the West Wing interior renovation, as well as to consider the characteristics of different seating options. 

Open House – The Library hosted an Open House on Wednesday, February 3, 2016. Architects from SHAPE Architecture and ph5 Architecture presented the designs and answered questions.

Interior Space Plan 

In 2015, PUBLIC Architecture and Communications completed an interior space plan. Background research that informed the plan included analyzing how existing space is used, identifying new space needs and examining best practices in other libraries. The plan considered the locations, sizes, and adjacencies of library spaces with a two-fold purpose: to keep those that worked well and to propose changes that would address service demands, improve accessibility and meet strategic priorities.    


The Library conducted extensive research over the last seven years to inform the West Wing Renovation Plan, including: 

Shape Building Assessment (2009) – Provided an audit of the building and HVAC systems to identify issues that jeopardize the continuous and proper functioning of the building. It recommended a five year scope of work, the last component of which is the replacement of the parking deck membrane and surface. 

Wicke Herfst Maver Seismic Assessment (2012) – Determined the capacity of the facility to resist seismic loads in the event of an earthquake. The report outlined a scope of remedial work to reinforce the existing structures. The skylights around the perimeter of the West Wing were identified as in need of structural bracing. 

VFA Facility Life Cycle Assessment (2012) – Conducted on all Municipal buildings and provided a global view, including condition, code compliance, environmental quality, and renewal indices. The VFA assessment identified building components in the West Wing that are due for replacement, including water distribution lines, network and electrical cabling, lighting fixtures, carpeting and washroom fixtures.  



Interior Designs (click image below to see all images)