The Student Library Card Project

A Partnership between the West Vancouver Memorial Library and West Vancouver Schools

If your questions aren't answered here, contact:

Shannon Ozirny, Head of Youth Services at West Vancouver Library, at or 604.925.7422

Why do students need a public library card when there is a school library?

West Vancouver Schools and the West Vancouver Memorial Library (WVML) have partnered to give students access to a wider selection of resources to use when completing school assignments. WVML has resources which are not currently available through the school library. 

What if students already have a WVML card? Will they get a second card through this project?

No. But even if you already have a WVML card, you should still fill out the form. Filling out the form ensures that we have your most current information and allows us to take any blocks off your card. This includes fines over $10!

What if students have a card at another public library? Do they need a second public library card at the WVML?

Yes. Not all public libraries have the same resources, especially when it comes to internet databases and ebooks. We want to ensure that all West Vancouver students have the same access to WVML’s resources because teachers and teacher-librarians may make use of resources or ebooks only available through our library.

What information do you collect about students to create a card?

We only obtain the information necessary to create a library card (or update an existing library account) for students, including:

  • Full name
  • Address (including city and postal code)
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • School name
  • Grade and Teacher name (to distribute cards to students)

Will the Library use this information to students?

The Library will only contact students if:

1) There are issues with a student's account.

2) They sign up for the Library’s monthly e-newsletter.

Will parents be able to access their child's account?

Students ages 12+ receive an adult library card and their account will be kept confidential.

For students under age 12, the Library may disclose information about a child’s account to their parents when necessary to recover overdue materials.

 What are the terms and conditions of getting a library card for students under the age of 12?

  • The Library provides access to a wide range of materials. Library policy does not restrict young people from using any of the resources available in the Library or electronically through Library databases and other resources.
  • Parents accept responsibility for monitoring and selecting Library materials and resources used by their child.
  • Parents accept responsibility for any fees incurred through damage, late return or loss of Library materials borrowed on a child’s card. More information on using the library is available here. 

What are some of the terms and conditions around young children visiting the library?

  • Children under the age of 10 should not be left unattended in the Library
  • The internet stations in the Kids Area are equipped with commercial filtering software; however, parents should be aware that no filter is guaranteed to prevent access to all material that a parent may find inappropriate for their child.
  • The Library also does not restrict children to using internet stations with filters. Parents are responsible for monitoring a child’s internet use when in the library.

What if parents prefer to only have one card for their entire family?

We encourage all students to have their own library card for two reasons:

  • Students may have to bring the card to school to access WVML resources in their classrooms or school library
  • Library policy stipulates that users must have their own library card for internet usage at the Library

I opted not to receive a library card through the partnership but I've changed my mind? How can I get a card now?

Just visit the library any time during opening hours and see the staff at the Accounts desk (located right by the front entrance). Make sure to mention that you or your child attend a West Vancouver school.

Students ages 12+ must have photo ID and proof of current address.

Students under the age of 12 must be accompanied by their parent/guardian when getting a card. Parents/guardians must provide photo ID and proof of current address.